Never Respond to Aggravating, Emotional Adolescent Drama Like This

If you were to make a new mix tape today, what would be on it? What songs speak to you right now? Would you go back to the olden days and grab some of the songs from your mis-spent youth, or would you find something a little bit more modern…

When you read the word “forge,” what images come to mind?

It’s probably not someone lounging on white sand beach, sunning and smiling.

Work in a forge is dangerous. It’s hot, heavy, sweaty work. It takes an enormous toll on the body. It takes a long time to learn. They don’t just “let” people into forges to make stuff. …

After 11 years, I’m staging a hostile takeover of my career and life.

When people — okay, apprentice writers, specifically — first hear that I’ve published nine novels with imprints of Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster, or that I’ve written for the comic books series Spawn, a sort…

The four hats that will help you treat your writing like a business

I’m a theater kid from way back, with more than two decades of experience as an actor and director. Becoming different people is really not a challenge for me. It’s something that I fall into quite naturally, which is very handy considering I write fiction. If you are a writer…

Offered literary representation? Awesome! But signing with a literary agent comes with crucial caveats to your writing career that you must know in advance.

I liken getting your (first) literary agent to a team making it to the Super Bowl. It’s great that you got this far, it puts you in an excellent position to go further, but the big game hasn’t been a played yet. A lot can go right and wrong.


Tom Leveen

Award-winning author of nine novels with imprints of Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster; also wrote for the comic book Spawn.

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